The Coats' Family

Judy Coats,  Hutto, Texas

John, Stacey, & Shelby Coats
Taylor Texas
512/590-0937 (John)  512/287-1397 (Stacey)

A B O U T   O U R   R A N C H 

JHC Longhorns began in 1987 when we bought two longhorn cows with calves at side to go on our property in Hutto, Texas.  We liked them so much that we soon had 5 more cows and began making wonderful friends with others who had longhorn cattle. The self-sufficient traits of these cattle such as hardiness, calving ease, and disease resistance made them an ideal selection for the “weekend” ranchers that we were at that time.  


We joined Texas Longhorn Breeders of America and later the International Texas Longhorn Breeders of America.  We started learning everything we could about these wonderful cattle. Information was gained  by reading, talking to other breeders, attending seminars, and going to shows and sales.

We started breeding for confirmation, color, horn and correctness of longhorn traits. Our breeding program has given us many show champions over the years. Our cattle are a blend of longhorn genetics that reflect the colors, horns, and gentle temperament that we desire.

 We enjoy showing off our cattle and always have some for sale.  Contact us — so you, too, can enjoy these wonderful creatures that God made.

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